Thursday, November 10, 2005

Blair loses vote on 90-day detention without trial

Amazing -- Blair's plans to allow detention of suspects without trial for 90 days was so extreme that even a substantial number of his own MPs voted against. The poor prime minister made a Putin-esque defence of his plans for a police state:

Mr Blair, who personally decided to gamble by putting the 90-day detention to the vote, sounded an uncomprehending note afterwards. "The country will think parliament will have behaved in a deeply irresponsibly way, I have no doubt about that at all," he said. "Sometimes it is better to do the right thing and lose, than to win doing the wrong thing. I have no doubt what the right thing was to do in this instance, to support the police.

Gareth Pierce comments that there has been zero evidence from the police that an extension of this period is required, and plenty that their existing powers are already being misused.

One down; two ("glorification" of terrorism and ID cards) to go...

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