Thursday, November 10, 2005

Christopher Meyer on Blair's adultion of Bush

The former UK Ambassador to the US has just published some memoirs that provide further evidence of the real cause of UK involvement in the war on Iraq. Simon Jenkins comments:

Meyer's account of Blair's Washington antics is toe-curling. The prime minister's eyes are permanently out on stalks as he meets showbiz stars, is flown here and there by helicopter, and purrs round town in a Rolls-Royce. Even before 9/11 he had the demeanour of an eager presidential candidate, grinning, pumping flesh, making speeches of breathtaking platitude. Blair gulped down adulation and offered unconditional support in return: "However tough, we fight with [America], no grandstanding, no offering implausible and impractical advice from the touchline." British policy towards America was simply a blank cheque.

Well, there's a surprise.

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