Friday, November 25, 2005

Ice cores show dramatic rise in CO2

The evidence for global warming becomes ever-stronger, despite the fantasies of the US oil industry and its cronies in the US government:
Ed Brook, a climate scientist at Oregon State University said the rise in greenhouse gases ... was a stark indication of the influence industry was having on the environment. "The levels of primary greenhouse gases such as methane, carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide are up dramatically since the industrial revolution, at a speed and magnitude that the earth has not seen in hundreds of thousands of years. There is now no question this is due to human influence."
Polly Toynbee also does a good job deconstructing the argument that the only solution to rising carbon emissions is nuclear power:
Pro-nuclearists estimate a cost of £10bn to build and £10bn to decommission if we are to replace our existing stations. According to the 2002 Cabinet Office review, offshore wind costs the same per kilowatt. The engineers WS Atkins, reviewing an application to build a tidal lagoon generator off Swansea, say that will cost about the same. The Severn estuary could provide enough tidal power per unit price as three nuclear power stations. Onshore wind is cheaper again, but its beautiful turbines distress a countryside lobby that tolerates hideous pylons and forgets the thousands of windmills in every landscape a couple of centuries ago. Clean technology using biomass in coal-powered stations could become CO2 emission negative, eating more CO2 in growing fuel than is produced in burning it.

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