Saturday, November 12, 2005

No buyers for one badly dented prime minister

Barbara Toner isn't surprised at the recent political damage suffered by the government:

I would like to understand what the prime minister is on about but he lost me on the terror bill. I wanted to trust him when he told us the police needed every one of 90 days to investigate jailed suspected terrorists without the fuss of laying any charges against them. But he had no sooner said he wouldn't brook any compromise than he said the 90 days were not his idea, or the government's. The police wanted them. Plainly he didn't hear how scary it was for a Labour prime minister to connect police and state in the same thought even in troubled times.

God alone knows none of us wants to be blown up on a train, but we didn't elect the terror squad to run the country. Especially, I'm bound to say, those whose record on suspected terrorists includes pumping eight bullets into the head of an innocent one.
The police and intelligence agencies have always had a powerful voice within government -- which is how we ended up with legislation like the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act. At long last, the House of Commons has made it clear that other voices also deserve consideration.

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