Saturday, November 12, 2005

Return of the Last Governor

I've been enjoying some of Fatty Pang's favourite egg tarts in Wanchai today. His visit to Hong Kong to promote his memoirs has also produced some memorable press coverage:

Of the damage caused by the Bush administration, he says: "I don't think it is terminal but we can't assume that the last years of this administration will see a rendezvous with reality and therefore a change. I don't think everything will be hunky-dory after this administration. It is important to conduct the argument about the damage caused by the sovereigntists and assertive nationalists like [US Defense Secretary Donald] Rumsfeld and [Vice- President Dick] Cheney, by the neo- cons like [Paul] Wolfowitz and [Richard] Perle."

It sounds like Not Quite The Diplomat will be a good read...

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