Saturday, November 26, 2005

Shake ya ass... show me what you're workin' with!

Looking forward to seeing David LaChapelle's new documentary on krumping, the "improbable love-child of breakdancing and hip-hop clowning" from Los Angeles. LaChapelle directed some of my absolute favourite promos, particularly Christina Aguilera's Dirrrrrrty and No Doubt's It's My Life.

Katie Puckrick has a great run-down of Madonna's latest krump-fest video and the other dance styles she's popularised via MTV:

Disco: Disco dance is the fruity little brother of swing, mambo and merengue. Popularised by Saturday Night Fever and tantalising accounts of Studio 54's VIP decadence, disco's partner dancing is fleshed out by line dances and flashy solo moves.

This genre is the wellspring of Madonna's very Madonna-ness, and naturally enough, a discotheque is the standard setting for many of her videos: Hung Up, Music, Beautiful Stranger, Everybody, Into the Groove. In them, Madonna is always the disco maypole, with the less-fabulous dancing a respectful hustle-length away.

Perhaps her ultimate disco re-enactment is Deeper And Deeper - Madonna in eyebrow-less Angie Bowie mode, cavorting with hippies, trannies and Roman Polanski international-perv types at her own personal Studio Fifty-Faux.

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