Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Tory licensing hysteria continues

Hopefully David Cameron, soon-to-be leader of the Conservatives and coincidentally until recently a director of a chain of late-night bars, will stop Conservative hysteria over the reform of licensing hours about to come into effect:
Theresa May, the Shadow Culture Secretary, said: “Yet another of the ministerial assurances we have been given on the licensing laws has proved to be worthless. The promises of only a handful of 24-hour licences were about as accurate as the ones we were given about the power of residents to object to rowdy bars or the pledges that all licences would be through on time.

“A few government-funded posters will not solve the anarchic scenes of alcohol-fuelled chaos we see in our towns and city centres.”

You would think that Conservatives should support a move from rigid centralised control to flexible local licensing of pub opening hours.

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