Sunday, December 25, 2005

Blogging for freedom

The EFF has a great campaign for bloggers' rights in the US, but things are a little more serious in Iran. The government has been cracking down on dissent, with over 20 bloggers arrested since 2003, and sentences such as 14 years in prison or 124 lashes handed out:

For a reader from the West, the blogs offer a vision of Iran, far from the chanting crowds, hidden women and ranting mullahs of popular imagery. As much as President Ahmadinejad may seek to turn back the clock and battle “Westoxification”, at the blog level this is a modern country. “My blog is a blank page,” writes one young Iranian blogger. “Sometimes I stretch out on this page in the nude . . . now and again I hide behind it. Occasionally I dance on it.” That may not sound like a call to arms, but in a country where the music is dying it may be the harbinger of revolution.

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