Sunday, December 04, 2005

Condi to Europe: shut up on torture

Condoleeza Rice is coming to tell the EU it should stop worrying its little head over secret CIA torture camps in Poland and Romania:
Diplomats said that Ms Rice, who arrives in Germany on Monday and meets Chancellor Angela Merkel the next day, is not expected to reveal information – as formally requested by the European Union last week – but to defend the US need to obtain intelligence.
Der Spiegel has an extraordinary graphic showing CIA use of European air bases for their "rendition" of prisoners between torture camps and torture states. The EU cannot start its proceedings against Poland and Romania soon enough.

Meanwhile, does this UN investigator's report on torture in China sound familiar?
Mr. Nowak said that "obtaining confessions" and fighting "deviant behavior" continued to be central goals of China's criminal justice system. The police and prison guards are pushed to extract admissions of guilt and are rarely punished for using electric shock, sleep deprivation and submersion in water or sewage, among other techniques the Commission on Human Rights considers torture, to obtain them, he said.

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