Monday, December 05, 2005

Data retention directive steams ahead

The EU Council and the two largest political groupings (Socialists and Conservatives) in the European Parliament have come to a sleazy compromise that could see a barely-altered Data Retention Directive pushed through on 13 December. The FFII describes the consequences:
"Imagine a world in which the state follows everything you do. A world where computers watch every step you make. A world in which privacy is dead and the machines can track down every dissident in minutes. A world ruled by unelected agencies, working hand-in-hand with powerful commercial interests. A world in which citizens have no rights except to consume. Science fiction? The Age of the Machines? No, this is Europe, coming to you in 2006."
EDRI and Privacy International have launched a last-ditch letter-writing campaign to MEPs to call on them to reject this surveillance nightmare. You can sign on here.

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Watching Them, Watching Us said...

WriteToThem is one convenient way of contacting your Members of the European parliament (remember that people actually have more than one MEP, due to the party list system)

Alternatively their details can be found on the Europarl UK website.