Saturday, December 10, 2005

The flights of the torturers

Planespotters are to thank for documenting the stopovers in Europe of CIA flights carrying prisoners to torture camps:
At Shannon airport Tim Hourigan uses a scanner that allows him to see what air traffic control sees, and he, and other activists, religiously note down the numbers of landing planes. Then, using a combination of Federal Airport Authority Records and planespotting websites, they can track the movements of intelligence planes across the world. "It is a tedious job looking through hundreds of pictures of planes," says Mr Hourigan, who is not a planespotting enthusiast. "But it allows you to confirm and expose the activities of the CIA and our own government."
Liberty has asked 11 chief constables to investigate stopovers in Britain, as the CIA may be breaking UK and international law. The government is still denying all knowledge, whilst opposing an amendment to the Civil Aviation bill in the Lords that would ban the use of UK airports and airspace by CIA torture flights.

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