Friday, December 02, 2005

Rebuilding Bloomsbury

Simon Jenkins has some radical plans for my neighbourhood:
If I were UCL I would stage a flat-out takeover bid for the University of London's £85m of property assets. I would review every activity on the Bloomsbury campus and plan Europe's premier academic township. Down would come the Senate House and the Institute of Education. Montague Place, Malet Street and Woburn Square would be redesigned as quadrangles, streets and piazzas. Hidden churches, museums, gardens and townhouses would be brought to light. I would find somewhere to recreate a Brick Lane.
UCL doesn't need encouragement for power grabs! I like some of Jenkins' ideas, although I think Senate House does have an art deco charm. But Bloomsbury is already a beautiful area in which to live, filled with leafy squares and Georgian terraces and with a fascinating history.

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