Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The Tories are doomed

Peter Hitchens is scathing about the state of the two main UK political parties. This applies equally in the EU, where the Parliament has just passed the worst possible version of the data retention directive.

Labour and the Tories are like a pair of corpses, stiff with rigor mortis, propping each other up. They no longer represent the true divisions in British society, which is why Labour can win only 22% of the popular vote, and the Tories a mere 20%. It is astonishing to think that neither of the major parties opposed the Iraq war; that neither resists the introduction of civil partnerships, devolution or the Northern Ireland peace process; that neither advocates withdrawal from the EU, a return to selective education or the reintroduction of the death penalty. Every important issue is left undebated and unexamined while the frontbenches quibble over trivia. Had it not been for pressure and ridicule from conservative journalists, the Tory party would even now support identity cards and all the accompanying repressive rubbish pursued in the name of the "war on terror".

The word that sums up the Cameron Tories is vacancy - a great sky-blue-pink gap where the government's adversary ought to be, an emptiness deliberately created so as to offend nobody but the thoughtful and independent of mind.

Interesting point on democratic choices available to Daily Mail readers, but just to quibble slightly: is anyone out there with an IQ over 80 against civil partnerships, devolution, the Northern Ireland peace process, UK membership of the EU, equitable schooling and abolition of the death penalty?

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