Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Are teenagers competent or not?

Carol Sarler points out an interesting corollary of the recent Axon judgment:

if the law upholds the principle that a girl of 14 is competent to choose an abortion without invoking the responsibility of a parent, how can it then say that if her twin brother chooses to smash a midnight hole in the back window of Boots and make off with horse tranquillisers, his decision was less competently made and hence becomes the responsibility of a parent? Either teenagers are capable of taking responsibility for the consequences of their actions or they are not. You cannot, common sense would suggest, have it both ways. And yet, as the political wind blows, it appears that the authorities are trying to do precisely that.

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Anonymous said...

She's comparing apples to oranges - both children are legally responsible for their actions, and in both cases I would expect the parents to feel partly morally responsible for their children's actions.