Sunday, January 22, 2006

Bonfire of the school regulations

Simon Jenkins has a short-and-sweet alternative to the government's controversial Education Bill:

Clause 1. Her Majesty’s government is proud of British secondary education since 1997 and sees no reason to screw it up all over again.

Clause 2. Her Majesty’s government regards schools as critical in holding communities together, in socialising, training and disciplining young people. That account is best rendered through local education authorities not central government. Ministers see no reason to undermine that accountability.

Clause 3. The government accordingly withdraws its 500 regulations, 350 policy targets, 175 efficiency targets, 700 notes of guidance, 17 plans and 26 grant streams, in addition to its home/school agreements, desirable learning outcomes, social inclusion initiatives, behaviour improvement taskforces and national grids for this and that. They were all a regrettable lapse into madness, chiefly under David Blunkett. They can be burnt.

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