Sunday, January 29, 2006

China+Google double-plus ungood

Google has published an apologia for their Chinese censorship efforts that is worthy of David Blunkett. Allow me to précis:

Our advertisers are salivating at the prospect of 2 billion new Chinese eyeballs. We aren't going to lose them to Microsoft, Yahoo! or any other organisation that has already proved its capacity to "help" users on behalf of Departments of Justice in the US or Beijing.

Our existing search engines work badly in China, where they are blocked and filtered by the great firewall. Our solution is to install our servers in China, so that we can more efficiently implement the very same blocking and filtering rules using our own systems.

Forget the "don't be evil" corporate motto. Banning search terms like "democracy" and "human rights" is the only way to encourage those concepts to develop in China. Our new owners on Wall St. don't care which tyrannical regimes we collaborate with if it boosts their fund returns.

China knows it, just like Hitler knew American companies would happily design computer systems to assist with his Final Solution.

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