Wednesday, January 04, 2006

FOI's 1st birthday

The UK's Freedom of Information Act has now been in force for one year (and the government is already threatening to clamp down on its operation). Rob Evans has articles in the Guardian reviewing its effects, and looking at some of the stranger requests that have been received:

Inevitably the Ministry of Defence has been inundated with requests about aliens and UFOs. One young girl earnestly promised not to tell anyone else if the ministry confirmed the existence of aliens.

She wrote: "Have we done any experiments with aliens? Have aliens actually landed on earth? There are thousands of questions I could ask, but I really want to know is - are there extraterrestrials on this planet? Please, please, please could you tell me if there are photos? Because I really need to know. I PROMISE to keep it a secret."

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Word Mincer said...

brilliant... bet she turns out to be a great researcher when she grows up! ;-)