Saturday, January 07, 2006

From squiffy to blotto

Charles Kennedy is not alone in his drinking "condition", The Times points out, in a guide to political partying:

BOOZE runs through the very veins of British politics. No democracy has been, over the years, so consistently pickled: William Pitt the Younger marinated himself daily with three bottles of port; Winston Churchill slurped through the war on a tidal wave of champagne and brandy. The very language of drinking has been framed by our elected representatives, such as “Squiffy” Asquith and George Brown, Labour’s famously blotto Foreign Secretary in the 1960s, for whom the phrase “tired and emotional” was coined.


Word Mincer said...

yeah, and i read somewhere that hitler was tea-total, so what does that tell you? that you can't judge a leader by his drinking habits probably. so, was this ousting justified? or was it just a convenient way of getting rid of someone?

Celia said...

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