Thursday, January 19, 2006

Galloway costs £1,491 per vote

George Galloway has been widely criticised for spending several weeks on the inane Channel 4 reality TV show, "Celebrity Big Brother." Now an academic report has found that he is one of the costliest MPs, spending £1,491 in expenses per vote in the House of Commons.

The report's authors, Professor Timothy Besley and Dr Valentino Larcinese, admitted that their measure of MPs' value for money was "crude".

But they added: "It is probably no cruder than the kinds of performance measures that MPs themselves have regularly voted to impose on other areas of the public sector."

Galloway's staff rightly point out that he does much work outside the Commons, including confronting the US Senate ;) However, this cost-per-vote measure could be another data point for, which monitors the speed at which MPs respond to electronic queries from constituents. (Thanks, Steve!)

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