Saturday, January 28, 2006

Government by doodle

Matthew Parris despairs of the government's analytical skills:

Sometimes it seems to be government by doodle. You have to hand it to him. He has done an immense amount to induce in ordinary citizens a new confidence in our own powers of analysis. Half the people on your average bus now suspect that they aren’t nearly as daft as the Prime Minister and his entire Cabinet. Which of us has not lain in bed listening to the morning radio and been able, at 30 seconds’ notice and from a horizontal position, to shoot down in flames whatever kite is being flown by ministers that day? Ideas that would not survive the second thoughts of four blokes in a pub are reaching their second reading in the House of Commons. Whatever hurdles proposals have to clear these days, on their way from the Downing Street sofa to Royal Assent, must be less challenging that the critical appraisal they would face in the average high-street hairdressing salon.

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