Monday, January 09, 2006

Is Ming down with the kids?

William Rees-Mogg thinks that Ming "the Merciless" Campbell would make a good leader of the Lib Dems, but is not sure that the Baby Boomers and Generation X would agree:

Like Jo Grimond, the Liberal leader of the 1960s, who also appealed to Conservative voters, Menzies Campbell is a leader in the mould of Asquith — though oddly enough it was Asquith who had a drink problem as Prime Minister and his rival, Lloyd George, who went on to form a coalition with the Tories. One can legitimately ask whether 21st-century Britain is ready for another Asquith. Are balanced judgment, well-concealed energy, lucid eloquence, maturity, the manners of a laird, the best lawyerly qualities, an image that can now be promoted into power and office? Times readers born before 1950 might love it — I think we would — but are there enough of us? Certainly Menzies Campbell’s image is not that of reality television, the celebrity world of Miss Kate Moss.

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