Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Last chance for free speech

Polly Toynbee tells MPs: vote tonight against "incitement to religious hatred" thought crimes!

Already there is a frosty caution about disrespect towards religion: it causes a more shocking frisson than it did five years ago. Abuse of religious beliefs feels like a personal insult, the religious want it silenced and they are winning. How long before no MP dare call themselves an atheist? Will anyone speak up against growing faith schools in this secular nation? MPs should go into the chamber tonight to stop all this religious appeasement in its tracks.

UPDATE: "In a humiliating blow to Mr Blair's authority, MPs voted by 288 to 278, majority 10, to back a key Lords amendment to the Racial and Religious Hatred Bill … Home secretary Charles Clarke quickly announced the government was bowing to the Commons' will and the bill would go for Royal Assent to become law as it stood."

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