Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Lords strike again

Lord Lloyd of BerwickThe Lords have defeated another illiberal government measure, a ludicrously over-broad ban on the "glorification" of terrorism. An amendment was moved by crossbencher Lord Lloyd of Berwick, a former Law Lord:

A series of peers denounced the offence as pointless and said that its removal from the Terrorism Bill would still allow suspects to be charged with indirect encouragement to commit acts of terror. A move to strike glorification of terrorism from the Bill was carried by 270 votes to 144, a majority of 126, at its report stage despite government protests that the power was needed.

How enlivening to have such significant blows struck for privacy and freedom of speech on two successive days. Perhaps their Lordships could now turn their attention to another article of the European Convention on Human Rights, the ban on torture...

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