Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Needle in haystack still elusive

Even the National Security Agency's recent directors are conceding that it is totally in the dark in the anti-terror operations ordered by Bush:

The NSA was designed to monitor a relatively contained number of official communications pipelines in nation-states -- for example, microwave transmissions from Moscow to an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) base in Siberia. But as Michael Hayden, then NSA director, told me in an interview in late 2002: "We've gone from chasing the telecommunications structure of a slow-moving, technologically inferior, resource-poor nation-state -- and we could do that pretty well -- to chasing a communications structure in which an al Qaeda member can go into a storefront in Istanbul and buy for $100 a communications device that is absolutely cutting edge, and for which he has had to make no investment for development."

So, all that Bush's illegal and unconstitutional order for the NSA to spy on Americans has achieved is... to take the United States to the brink of an 18th-century-style monarchical system of government that many hundreds of thousands of Americans lost their lives to overthrow and repel.

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