Sunday, January 29, 2006

Operation Iraqi Freedom

I sat open-mouthed reading Jesus' General's update on the latest Dubya outrage: the use of innocent Iraqi women and children as hostages. We could be talking centuries rather than decades to fix the hatred this is building for the "Coalition of the Willing."

Both incidents occurred in 2004. In one, members of a shadowy military task force seized a mother who had three young children, still nursing the youngest, "in order to leverage" her husband's surrender, according to an account by a civilian Defense Intelligence Agency intelligence officer.

In the other, an e-mail exchange includes a U.S. military officer asking "have you tacked a note on the door and challenged him to come get his wife?"

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Anonymous said...

Am I missing something here? Is it only me? I have not seen a single such mention, and as such find it quite extraordinary that NONE of the media have taken to calling it Bush's 'War OF terror'.