Monday, January 16, 2006

Pigs fly, IP judge unhappy with software patents

Ross Anderson spotted a most unusual speech from a senior UK judge who previously specialised in intellectual property law and is now a member of the UK's second highest court. The Rt. Hon Lord Justice Jacob said that people must "look at all IP rights critically and say, 'Do we need them?'". He continued to ask:

IP rights themselves may have reached a bit of a swing of opinion. One is detecting public disquiet in a number of areas of intellectual property, asking: Are we going too far? There's a serious worry about patent offices and how you stop them from granting pretty ropey patents

Spending time with IP heretics such as myself and the rest of the Creative Commons UK team is obviously warping his mind ;)

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Mark Lloyd said...

I was at the talk and it was very interesting for loads of reasons. He claimed that IP rights were at a "high point" which I think is about right and he was generous in his criticisms of just about everyone. He was particularly critical of judges and the problems of getting them up to speed with IP issues. Education, which he acknowledged was very expensive, is apparently provided by academics in the odd half-day, or so he said. I keep meaning to blog my notes. There's supposed to be a podcast as well, but I haven't been able to track it down.