Sunday, February 19, 2006

Bush and Blair have brilliantly done Bin Laden's work for him

Bert and Osama are evil
Osama Bin Laden has created the perfect enabling environment for the authoritarian policies of Bush and Blair, who have magnified two terrorist atrocities into threats to global democracy. Their massively disproportionate responses only make it easier for Bin Laden to recruit new zealots to his cause. Simon Jenkins comments:

There never was a “terrorist threat” to western civilisation or democracy, only to western lives and property. The threat becomes systemic only when democracy loses its confidence and when its leaders are weak, as now. Terror attacks are for the police. For George Bush and Blair to demand a “long war” against Bin Laden and, by implication, a long suppression of civil liberty is ludicrous. Western civilisation is not some simpering weakling that cowers before a fanatic ’s might, pleading for leaders to protect it by all means, however illegal. It has been proof against Islamic expansionism since the 17th century. It is not at risk.


Word Mincer said...

i don't get the pic... sorry for being thick... can you explain this post a bit more? i am not sure I quite get the text either...

Ian Brown said...

It's Osama Bin Squirrel!

The text is saying that Bush and Blair have done exactly what Bin Laden hoped: massively over-reacted to his terrorist attacks, invading two Muslim countries and killing and torturing their citizens thus guaranteeing a large number of new recruits to al Qaeda. As well as cracking down on the Western freedoms they are supposedly standing up for.

Word Mincer said...

but why a squirrel? (i do hope no real squirrels during the making of that pic! ;-) )

and yes... war on terror = rubbish agenda ...
... replace instead with --> get to the heart of the problem campaign!

John East said...'s almost as if, had Osama not come along, they would have had to make him up.

Come to think of it, has anyone seen Osama over the last four years or so?