Sunday, February 12, 2006

Creeping sharia

As you can see from the comments below, it doesn't take much intimidation to encourage the West into self-censorship. This of course is the aim of the fundamentalists who whipped up this phoney storm of outrage several months after the original cartoons were published in Denmark and Egypt:

Their hope has always been what can only be called creeping sharia. Bit by bit, free societies abandon small freedoms to accommodate the sensitivities of Muslims or Christian fundamentalists or the PC police or other touchy fanatics. Bit by bit, we cede our freedoms to fear and phoney civility — all in the name of getting along.

Yes, in this new war of freedom versus fundamentalism I always anticipated appeasement. I just didn’t expect the press to be among the first to wave the white flag.


Word Mincer said...

Would someone please tell me what is wrong with 'getting along'???
I think freedom of speech is great but it would be a very lonely life to lead if we all shot our mouths off absolutely all the time and as a result had no friends at all.
In fact, what's the use of free speech if everyone else on the planet is dead and you are the only one left to hear yourself speak?

Ian Brown said...

I agree!! And if fundamentalists (of all religions) were less hyperventilated by cartoons, this entire episode would have passed without notice in the media and the blogosphere.

I stil do not have a strong opinion over whether the cartoons should have been published or re-published. I do have a strong opinion that European governments should not kowtow to an extremist agenda that threatens death against the cartoonists and their countrymen.

Word Mincer said...

Well, good - i am glad we still agree on something Ian! :-)
I still think it's about sensitivity for time and place when you know there are a few people out there who have a militant agenda and can use stuff like that to stir up other stuff on a massive scale. It's just not the best way - i.e. see subsequent events in Denmark and elsewhere... which is why I still think Jack Straw had it right when he praised the UK press for their handling of the situation the other week. I don't think it's about lying down and taking it, I think it's about handling it in a more prudent and shrewd way, with minimum loss of human life... in the way the security services are trying to?