Sunday, February 12, 2006

Free speech is the keystone of civilisation

Freedom of speech isn't some luxury that can be thrown aside at the first hint of offense taken by religious groups. As Minette Marin comments:

Freedom of speech is the keystone of western civilisation, of individuality, of scientific discovery, of wealth and of democracy; without it, the entire edifice would collapse.

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Word Mincer said...

Yes, and any freedom of speech requires an balance of common-sense as to how and when it is used. As someone said to me this week, if a Man City supporter took it upon themselves to sit in the middle of a load of Man U supporters at a grudge match, and said Man City supporter stood up and taunted the Man U supporters, would anybody deny his/her right to free speech? Probably not. Would anybody think him/her sane or mentally balanced? Probably not either. Would anybody be in the least bit surprised if he/she got lynched and ended up in hospital? Probably not...