Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Home Office accounts denounced

Blunkett grinning like an idiotFor the first time ever, the National Audit Office has refused to approve the accounts of a government department. The Home Office, to be precise:

Sir John Bourn uncovered numerous errors and inconsistencies in the accounts, with officials unable to reconcile cash going in and out of the department with its bank statements … “In my opinion the Home Office has failed to maintain proper books and records in 2004-05,” he said. The report catalogues a series of problems in the final months of David Blunkett’s period as Home Secretary and the five months after Charles Clarke took over.

Sir John blames some of the problems on the introduction of a new computer system intended to bring greater efficiency and control to the finances. But staff were not trained to use the new system on time.

And which department is it that wants to spend £20bn introducing a National Identity Register computer system?

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