Thursday, February 23, 2006

ID cards have already cost £32m

Alistair Carmichael MPBefore any parliamentary approval, the Home Office has already spent £32m preparing their ID card scheme:

In the last six months of 2005 Home Office spending on the project soared from a rate of £25,000 a day to £63,000. Alistair Carmichael, Liberal Democrat home affairs spokesman, said: "The Government is spending money which it has no right to spend. It is completely unacceptable to forge ahead on a scheme which will radically alter British society without the approval of MPs."

And they still couldn't manage to produce reliable costings of their scheme. Just how many tens of millions of pounds more would that have taken? (Via FIPR)


Ray said...

Ian, Do you know if it is still the case that the government have more people working on the ID cards scheme than there are police officers working on hi-tech crime?

Ian Brown said...

I'm not certain — someone who would know is Philip Virgo of EURIM, who I believe originally came up with that statistic.