Saturday, February 04, 2006

MOL condition orange

The Saudi Policeman warns that the MOL (Muslim Offence Level) condition has now risen to "High":

Meaning - We are extremely offended by a particular individual or country
Non-Muslim response - That individual or country must apologize
Consequence of non-compliance - Individual; Fatwa, assassination, or both. Country; Boycott (unless you export things the Saudi Royal Family are consumers of), and Saudi newspapers write a long string of boring and repetitive articles that you will never read but will drive Saudi readers to distraction.

I think we also need Christian and Sikh Offence Levels, although fortunately only a small minority of Christians and Sikhs in the UK think that making death threats against those involved with plays they dislike is a good idea.


Word Mincer said...

Yes, this is on the surface amusing and worth a smirk. But it's a bit childish isn't it? I mean, to create this offense level chart and refer to it tongue in cheek in this faux-superior position taking way. What good will it really achieve? It's actually quite pathetic. Aren't we just adding insult to injury here? When someone hates someone and the other person makes smart remarks, does it really help? We have and 'us' and 'them' situation here which actually isn't that nice. People are still dying because of it, and hey, how long before we justify our way into the next Iraq style war, but this time see 'the return of' / part 2 in Iran?
Ok, we can't get our heads round the seeming offence-taking thing with disproportionate (in our eyes) retaliation. But rather than scoff at it, shouldn't we actually be getting quite worried that if there is some kind of offense being taken that we should be working towards smoothing things over? This isn't some satirical poke at a politician's stance on class C drugs. It is bigger than that and if we don't start taking it seriously and behaving like responsible adults about it with a genuine care for human life, then where will we be??? people, open your eyes! please!

Ian Brown said...

I don't think the author of Bezhti or the BBC executives involved with the screening of "Jerry Springer: The Opera", who all received death threats from religious fanatics, would think the subject was amusing.

Those carrying signs through London glorifying terrorism and inciting the murder of those who criticise Islam aren't doing much for community relations either.

Word Mincer said...

i agree - you seem to be missing my point though... it is not helpful to just leave the discussion at this point. you have to say, ok, there is a problem here, what are we going to try and do about that will be of constructive help and stop seeing this as a 2 sided issue, and start seeing it as a human one in which people are and could still die. taking sides will not help. trying to work out a way to talk 'together' and propose workable solutions might. It's not us and them, it's we... humanity.