Monday, February 27, 2006

Rumsfeld still doesn't get it

Donald RumsfeldThe Economist is scornful of Donald Rumsfeld's latest efforts in the "War on Terror":

Now something—was it, one wonders, Abu Ghraib? Or Guantánamo? Or the torture memos? Or the fact that China now lectures America on human rights? Or the tragic decline in sympathy for America around the world?—seems to have prompted a meagre mental adjustment on Mr Rumsfeld's part. His recent Quadrennial Defence Review confessed that “victory in the long war depends on strategic communication” and even issued a plea for “considerably improved language and cultural awareness”. His speech in New York was an attempt to flesh out this strategy. Yet it ended up illustrating how completely the defence secretary still fails to “get it”.

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Craig said...

I have no doubt Rumsfeld is fond of his facts and charts. His learning curve and his blunder curve suggest he should have left a long time ago. He doesn't seem to learn much and the blunders just mount.

Personally, I think Bush is terrified to fire Rumsfeld because he would then have to taken responsibility for something.