Saturday, February 18, 2006

Storage of teenagers' DNA varies widely

Stroppy teenagersTory MP Grant Shapps is doing a good job digging up data on the storage of innocent children's DNA by the police. He has found a wide disparity between forces:

In Cumbria, the figure was 934 per 100,000 children, while in West Mercia it was just four per 100,000… Tony Blair's own Durham Constabulary is 16 times more likely to retain innocent children's DNA, with 830 per 100,000, than Merseyside police with 52 per 100,000.

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Watching Them, Watching Us said...

It is hard to decipher from the figures so far published, how many people who are still teenagers, and how many people who were teenagers at the time, still have their "DNA profiles" and their original human tissue samples retained.

Are these former teenagers still on the National DNA Database ?

a) Euan Blair son of Prime Minister Tony Blair, aged 16, drunk and disorderly.

b) William Straw - son of the then Home Secretary Jack Straw, aged 17, suspicion of supplying cannabis in a sting by The Mirror newspaper.

The public should demand that Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, Charles Clarke and Andy Burnham etc. to "lead by example" and "voluntarily" submit their own DNA tissue samples if, as Andy Burnham claims:

"Inclusion on the NDNAD does not signify a criminal record and there is no personal cost or material disadvantage to the individual simply by being on it."