Friday, February 17, 2006

Who will rid me of this troublesome judge?

Mr Justice Collins' comments on US torture are not the first time he has stood up against government abuse of power:

The judge said in his ruling on a test case involving an asylum seeker left destitute after being refused benefits that however much the government wanted to deter asylum seekers, it could not be achieved by placing them at risk of starvation and ill health… [he] also embarrassed Mr Blunkett in 2004 when, as head of SIAC, he said the home secretary had used evidence that was "not reasonable" and had "exaggerated" links between a detainee and al-Qaida.

Collins therefore shares with Simon Davies the highest mark of integrity in my mind — "Mr Blunkett was so annoyed by Mr Justice Collins that he once refused to share a platform with him at a seminar."

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