Monday, March 13, 2006

Clarke insult to King's Cross bombing victims

Charles Clarke MPIt seems that Charles Clarke may be as deeply unpleasant as David Blunkett, which is quite an achievement.

Meanwhile, Blunkett is attempting yet another political comeback, with an extremely questionable statement in a Guardian interview: "I have made mistakes in the past, but when I have, I have always said so."

As Spyblog comments, in the context of the revelation that Sir Ian Blair has been illegally recording telephone conversations with ministers:

Given the spin and media leaks which the disgraced Home Secretary David Blunkett inflicted on Sir John Stevens, the predecessor of Sir Ian Blair, it is quite understandable that this most politically correct of NuLabour apparatchiki would, in classic police state style, feel the need to have an independent record of exactly what was, or was not said to his NuLabour political contacts.

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