Friday, March 03, 2006

EU funds massive digital library

The Commission could do even more good by reforming European copyright legislation so that anyone could do this without fear of retribution from the great-grandchildren of copyright holders...

The European Commission is to set up a European digital library able to display around six million books, photographs and films and available to all internet users by 2010.

Following a period of consultation, the commission on Thursday (2 March) announced that it would study the copyright issues that might arise with the library and help speed up the project by co-funding a network of digitisation sites.

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Anonymous said...

It's all very well having a "massive digital library" but courtesy of the nazis in the current Home Office and their zeal and drive for pan-european retention of every online activity, and for ID cards which sooner or later inevitably will be made compulsory as a key for all such activity (it's the paedophiles, you see) who is going to dare risk reading unapproved material?

"I'm sorry. Persons of Jewish/Galilean origin are not authorized to read on the topics of 'weapons manufacture resist genocide'/'earth rotate sun'. Your activities have been reported."