Friday, March 03, 2006

HRH vs human rights

Prince CharlesLord Irvine, Tony Blair's first employer and Lord Chancellor, became a scapegoat for many New Labour policies towards the end of his career. But it turns out he was doing sterling work in deflecting some quite demented criticisms of the Human Rights Act from the Prince of Wales:

Lord Irvine, the head of the judiciary, brusquely rejected the Prince’s argument in a letter in August: “There is in fact scant hard evidence that people overall are more litigious,” he wrote. “There has been no upward trend in the work of the civil courts over recent years.”

Does Prince Charles realise the long-term damage he is doing to the monarchy by attacking the UK implementation of a 60-year old convention designed to prevent a Nazi regime ever again taking power in Europe? Shouldn't a future king be slightly more careful of his subjects? Particularly given his great uncle's fraternisation with Adolf Hitler?

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