Friday, March 24, 2006

Medical researchers have plans for patient records

Colin BlakemoreGordon Brown has announced that the research funds of the National Health Service and the Medical Research Council will be merged. The response of the MRC's chief executive is highly revealing of the government's intentions regarding the nascent online database of patient records:

Colin Blakemore, chief executive of the MRC, said: "We have the chance through the combination of funding to build in this country something that is not just the equal of the NIH but is superior because of our world-leading biomedical research and the unified system of patient care and record-keeping in the UK."

So it seems that medical researchers already have grand plans for the use of patients' medical records. Will the requirement to obtain patients' consent be swept aside using the Health and Social Care Act 2001?

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John East said...

If the privacy issues aren't reason enough to be concerned, I am sick of being bombarded, it seems several times a week these days, by numerous medical "studies" correlating my evil self indulgences with the likely incidence of immanent agonising death that I have to look forward to as a result of my weakness.

The health and safety fascists are going to have a field day. All that lovely data to sift through. All those wicked and evil things and activities they will be able to campaign against and abolish.

All of course through a burning concern for my wellbeing.