Saturday, March 11, 2006

Security blowout is over

Homeland Security sealRobert Cringely says the homeland security spending extravaganza is over, with IT security the main casualty of the US budget crisis:

Barrons, Boeing, and all of us were suckered by the homeland security opportunity, which seemed at the time to have infinite funding. Today's reality says otherwise. The current dearth of funding was probably tipped by Katrina, but it would have come anyway, driven by that age-old imperative of police work, that empires are built of men and women, not computers. I'm not saying it was wrong to do so, but by the time all the new nobility of homeland security got finished hiring their vassals and nephews, there wasn't much money left over. That was okay, they thought, because the trough was infinitely deep. Only, it really wasn't.

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