Sunday, April 23, 2006

Blair doesn't know where to start on liberty

Tony BlairThe Observer has a rather revealing exchange of e-mails between their columnist Henry Porter and Tony Blair on civil liberties. The Dear Leader says:

"Frankly it's difficult to know where to start, given the mishmash of misunderstanding, gross exaggeration and things that are just plain wrong."

I found this rather interesting: "Last week senior Tories launched a new grouping, Conservative Liberty Forum, with the blessing of David Cameron, which will debate issues ranging from CCTV to anti-terror legislation, and advise his policy review on fresh ideas to promote liberty." The website seems to be but down right now! I will investigate further :)

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Watching Them, Watching Us said...

Where is this mythical "Conservative Liberty Forum" ?

None of the obvious domain name combinations of those words appear to be registered.

There is nothing in the main search engines.

There is nothing about it on the main Conservative Party website, nor on Damian Green's out of date website either.

Will the Conservative party leadership respond to Lord Onslow's open letter in the same edition of the Observer, urging them to to longer stand idly by as the Labour Government attacks civil liberties and on Parliament ?