Saturday, April 15, 2006

BPI spouting nonsense

International Talk Like A Pirate DayAnalyst Mark Mulligan says that the BPI's file sharing scare stories are, quite simply, junk:

They claim that file sharing has cost the UK music industry 1.1 billion pounds over the last 3 years. That is simply not the case. The UK music industry in 2002 was worth just over 2 billion pounds. In 2005 it was worth 1.85 billion. That is a total cumulative decrease of 0.29 billion. Where’s the extra 0.81 billion? …

The BPI should
a) know better than to infer that consumer survey data is actual national market revenue data (however much it might help their PR push)
b) accept the fact that there are many bigger reasons impact declining music sales (prices too high, physical piracy (a MUCH bigger factor according to sister organization IFPI), competing expenditure (DVDs, games consoles etc.)

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