Saturday, April 29, 2006

Designer chavs

Burberry ChavIt has always struck me that trademark law should go no further than ensuring that customers are not deceived about the manufacturers of goods. It would be wonderfully subversive of the ludicrous designer fashion culture if chavs were legally able to buy for a few pounds products emblazoned with Chanel, Prada, Gucci etc. logos. Janice Turner agrees:

A REPORT by lawyers Davenport Lyons reveals that ever more of us are buying fake designer goods. Previously labels such as Gucci and Chanel, warned us that counterfeit bags or sunglasses were inferior to the real thing. But it seems we don’t care: trends now change so quickly, why spend £800 on a one-season wonder when the knock-off costs £80? So now the designers are trying to prey on our consciences, arguing that fakes are manufactured by poor Chinese sweatshop workers tyrannised by traffickers in humans and drugs. So it is unethical not to pay stupid prices. Maybe I’ll believe it when the designer whingers show me their smiling seamstresses in airy modern factories and prove they pay them a living wage.

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