Friday, April 14, 2006

Fire and brimstone rain down from Blair

Niccolo MachiavelliSimon Jenkins thinks that we are living in a bizarre reprise of 15th-century Florence. He certainly has an interesting solution in mind:

We too are told of plagues and potent enemies. Terrorists, "thousands of them", threaten us on all sides. Charles Clarke's agents roam the streets, seizing Muslims and imposing Asbos on the ungodly. The prime minister hides from assassins behind the ever-higher walls of Downing Street, where he reportedly takes instruction from a Franciscan friar. Pleas go out to the church to set up faith schools in British cities. Small wonder that a Fife swan reduces John Humphrys and the BBC news department to gibbering hysteria…

We meekly let ministers claim that they alone know, as if from on high, what is safe and right for us. We should be dropping lumps of concrete on their heads.

(Ooooops, didn't we both just break the new prohibition on the "glorification" of terrorism? Will the Guardian and Blogger both be banished from the UK Internet?)

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