Monday, April 10, 2006

Music industry puts pressure on Gowers IP review

Extend the Term!
The music industry is moving into high gear in an attempt to influence the review of intellectual property policy currently being undertaken for the government by Andrew Gowers. Music Week is leading the cheerleading for the extension of the copyright term for sound recordings from 50 years, so that record labels and young musicians can attempt to profit from their recordings into their retirement years. Everyone else, of course, has to save for a pension out of their income during their working life…

Music Week has circulated the letter below to build support for its campaign. More information and the petition mentioned is available at their website.

MUSIC WEEK - Extend The Term Campaign

You may have read in Music Week recently about their campaign to Extend The Term. This note is to ask your involvement in showing support for it by signing a petition from the whole of the music industry.

The term of copyright is the length of time which the creator and performer of any musical recording are paid royalties for its use by law. In the UK this term currently stands at 50 years from the year in which a recording of music is released commercially. The music industry is currently lobbying the government to extend the term - so that recordings are protected for a longer period, 70 or 90 years, perhaps even longer. The government is holding an independent review to look into this before trying to change European law, and this campaign is aimed at that review.

For musicians across the country, the meaning of this review is simple. It will finally decide whether they can earn royalties from the music they make as young artists right through to their retirement years. Essentially, it will decide whether pop stars' hits can also be their pensions. This review will massively affect their lives.

Rob and the senior management team here have supported and fully endorse the Music Week campaign, now Music Week are hoping to show the Government review that the whole of the industry is supportive of this by looking for your individual support.

I have attached pdf files of the orginal article from Music Week with more detail on what it means, and also a pdf of the petition which Music Week are hoping you will print off, sign and return to them at the address shown as soon as possible.

I hope you will back this campaign.

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