Wednesday, April 19, 2006

A musician writes

Cliff RichardSir Clifford Richard has been whining all over the airwaves that the copyright is about to expire in his 1950s sound recordings. He seems to think this is some kind of tragedy.

Louis Barfe, a composer and performer, has a different perspective (via Open Rights Group):

To extend the copyright period in sound recordings would make an already complacent industry even more unbearably smug, and give a clear signal that they can get exactly what they want if they whine loud enough. The losers will be the artists who continue to have their back catalogue sat on by the fat corporate arse of the record companies, the small record companies who have made available numerous archive recordings that have passed into the public domain (which would almost certainly not be made available any other way), and, of course, the general record-buying public.

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