Friday, May 12, 2006

BPI 'willing to discuss' CD ripping

The British Phonographic Industry has denied that it wants to see private copying of digital media in the UK, as reported by the Telegraph on Sunday (via Open Rights Group). But it would like to see more use of DRM crippleware. Other music bodies are taking a more enlightened view:

The UK's independent label trade body, the Association of Independent Music, has a contrasting view on consumer rights. Speaking to the Parliamentary/New Media Industries Forum in February, that group explained: "Independent music companies are primarily artist-orientated and want to give their artists every possible opportunity to reach national and international markets: using rather than refusing new technologies; encouraging broad and niche consumer access to new music; avoiding a punitive approach to copyright enforcement and realising that loss of some measure of copyright control is a factor in reaching new and enthusiastic music markets around the world - and believing that there can be a fresh approach to all these factors."

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