Saturday, May 13, 2006

Majority of Britons breaking (c) law

Jill JohnstoneThe National Consumer Council has some new figures highlighting the absurdity of UK copyright legislation (via Open Rights Group):

Over half of British consumers are infringing copyright law by copying their CDs onto other players they own, according to a new survey for the National Consumer Council (NCC). The YouGov poll reveals that the practice is common across all ages and social classes, highlighting the absurdity of current copyright law…

NCC’s submission also challenges the current long periods of copyright protection. Jill Johnstone says:

‘Whether for films, literary or musical works, sound recordings or broadcasts, the length of all copyright terms should be reduced to fit more closely the time period over which most financial returns are normally made.

‘The current campaign by the music industry to extend copyright terms for sound recordings beyond 50 years has no justification. Evidence shows that music companies generally make returns on material in a matter of years not decades. Current terms already provide excessive protection of intellectual property rights at a cost to consumers.’

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