Monday, May 15, 2006

Tories attack Creative Archive

George OsborneThe Tories are lining up with Murdoch and friends to attack the BBC's online services, and it sounds like the Creative Archive is directly in their sights. The Shadow Chancellor George Osborne said:

“I am concerned that in too many of its non-core activities, particularly on the internet, it is stifling the growth of innovative new companies that simply cannot compete with BBC budgets.

“For example, the BBC’s licence-fee funded ability to hand out quality content free online makes it very difficult for others to move into the new video download market."

I certainly think that the BBC needs to be careful to stick to its public-service remit of fixing market failure in broadcasting. I cannot see how launching competitors to services such as MySpace achieves this goal.

However, making available content from the Beeb's archives under Creative Commons-style licences will be a huge boost to creativity in the UK and give licence-fee payers access to the content they have already funded. I hope the Conservatives do not fall into the trap of attacking this project simply because it upsets large commercial players such as Rupert Murdoch.

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Martin Belam said...

Kim makes some salient points here about the whole "The BBC is making a new version of MySpace" myth -

In any case, the BBC has had user-generated content and blogs on for years already - that isn't a new thing.

I agree with you thoroughly though about giving the Licence Fee payer access to content they've already been made to pay for