Friday, May 12, 2006

US phone firms gave spy agency records of billions of calls

Your world. Delivered. To the NSA.
Yet more details have emerged about the US National Security Agency's programme of illegal warrantless surveillance:

USA Today reported that since the September 2001 terror attacks, AT&T Corp, Verizon Communications Inc, and BellSouth Corp had been providing the agency with detailed records of the calls made by their 200 million customers, both international and domestic.

The companies' cooperation with the spy agency has created the largest calls database in the world, allowing the agency to track the number of calls made and their frequency and duration, and search for other patterns in communication. The newspaper believed no agents listened to the content of the calls.

Only one company, Qwest Corporation, which operates in 14 western states, refused to help the agency. It said it had concerns about the legality of the taps.

The US government is trying hard to have the EFF's class action lawsuit against the phone firms dismissed. Let's hope the US courts are more robust in their response to Bush's lawbreaking than the US Congress, which should have impeached the man by now.

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